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Santa Christmas List - Holiday advertising checkilist

The Ultimate Advertising Checklist For A Merry Holiday Marketing Season

It may only be the 3rd of November, but retailers have had snow, Santa and holiday gifts on their minds for weeks. As digital advertisers take steps to prep social media ad campaigns for this year’s holiday retail rush, what items still need to be checked off the to-do list? Following the steps and tips below will help digital marketers cover all their creative, targeting and budgeting bases – and make this holiday shopping season the most successful one yet! […]

Featured Image - Ad Spend CHanges 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

The 2015 Holiday Season on Facebook: A Forecast For Ecommerce Advertisers

What performance trends can Facebook advertisers expect this holiday season? We took a look at ecommerce advertiser CPMs, CTRs and ad spend on mobile and desktop from Q4 of last year, in order to help marketers develop their Facebook advertising plans for this November and December. Read on for three valuable takeaways: 1. Expect big shifts in CPM for desktop Our holiday preview report shows that it’s hard to go wrong when advertising during the holiday season. Regardless of the […]

Featured Image - Holiday Purchase Trends Report

Facebook Purchase Behavior Ecommerce Advertisers Should Expect This Holiday Shopping Season

Online purchases tend to spike around the holidays, and last year was no exception. During the 2014 holiday season, ecommerce Facebook advertisers saw overall purchase rates roughly double from pre-holiday levels. What other shopping behavior should Facebook ecommerce advertisers expect this year? We’ve analyzed historical trends to provide answers from your most frequently asked questions about the upcoming 2015 holiday season. When do holiday purchase rates increase on Facebook? From January to October of last year, purchases from Facebook reached […]

North American Holiday Guide

The Global Marketer’s Guide To North American Holidays

Want to expand your business to North America? Then you need to know about the many unique marketing opportunities that happen each month. While each country on the continent has its own individual holidays and occasions, there are many overlapping events and traditions that you can harness to drive sales and bring more attention to your business. Whether you hail from APAC, EMEA, or points beyond, here are all the holidays you should consider when building your digital advertising strategy […]

2015 Facebook Advertising Holiday Trend Preview for Ecommerce

For large online retailers, the summer months are less about fun in the sun, and more about planning for the holiday season several months away. The questions ecommerce companies often grapple with in digital advertising relate to everything from budget allocation to campaign creative strategy to targeting mix. To give ecommerce performance marketers more insight into holiday advertising trends, we’ve run a thorough analysis comparing non-holiday and holiday campaign performance on Facebook. Related Posts: Ecommerce Holiday Advertising Trends Preview Nanigans […]